The Field Jacket

Miles Rohan

This is the Wales Corduroy field jacket. Here’s why it’s called that: 


I met a woman in a farm field during a kind of community volunteering event. We were preparing the fields for next year’s planting. Immediately, the woman’s Corduroy jacket caught my eye. Strategically I placed myself in the same row (yes, the furrows of the field reminded me of Corduroy) she was working in and worked towards her. I knew we would eventually meet. As we inched closer to each other along the row,  I rehearsed what I would say. When we finally did I mustered all my courage and told her I liked her jacket.  I told her my Corduroy story and my ambition to start the world's first all Corduroy clothing company.  She explained to me - the jacket was quite old, very important to her and that it belonged to her father-in-law. It was big on her, layered over a thick sweater. She had the sleeves rolled up. "Farm Chic," one might say. The work we were doing was dirty. There were a few bits of mud in caked into the Corduroy. I asked if I could take a few photos as inspiration for a design. Without hesitation, she took the Corduroy jacket off, handed it me and said, "I want you to follow your dreams. Mail it to back me when you're done ." So, this is the Field Jacket. Inspired by the kind woman in the field.