Frequently Asked Questions

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What is The Corduroy Appreciation Club? 

The Corduroy Appreciation Club (CAC) is/was a social club for people who like Corduroy fabric. Emulating old, secret societies and social clubs, the Corduroy Appreciation Club seeks to create a community and, in turn, a sense of fellowship rooted in the historic and culturally significant fabric known as Corduroy. As a social club, the CAC has membership cards, traditions, by laws, strange rituals, a secret handshake and meetings. Meetings of the CAC occur only on dates which resemble Corduroy. January 11th, or 1|11, is the first meeting date of the year and is followed by November 11th, 11|11, the date which most closely resemble Corduroy. Members must wear at least two items of Corduroy at meetings. Much has been written about the Corduroy Club if you would like to learn more

So, why Wales Corduroy? Why now? 

2016 marks the 11th anniversary of the founding of The Corduroy Appreciation Club. 11 is the number which most closely resembles Corduroy. Actually making Corduroy clothing seems like the best way to recognize the fabric. Also, the club founder, Miles Rohan, doesn't seem to have the fathomless courage he once had to stand up in front of rooms of Corduroy clad club members at club meetings. Someday he will. Someday the Corduroy Club will resurface. Someday. 

Where does the Corduroy come from? 

Wales will utilize highest quality Corduroy sourced throughout the globe. The first collection features cloth from Brisbane Moss in England. Located outside of Manchester—birthplace of Corduroy—it is one of the world’s oldest Corduroy mills. But the goal is to use quality Corduroy from multiple mills from many places – England, Italy, Portugal, India, Japan and more.  A long term goal is to have Corduroy produced to Wales Corduroy's stringent Corduroy specifications. 

Who is designing the pieces? 

The inaugural collection is designed by the Corduroy Club founder, Miles Rohan. Rohan is not a fashion designer at this time, but he does posses a large quantity of Corduroy clothing which he has collected over many years. The pieces in his "Corduroy Library" have informed the designs.  In time, the goal would be to work with more accomplished designers.